On Anniversary Of First Train’s Launch, Here Are Lesser Known Facts About Indian Railways

train_over Time in India
The Great Indian Peninsular Railway over time.

Unlike many other things, it didn’t take authors, singers or moviemakers to make us realize how amazing, simple yet enigmatic a train ride is. Indians love travelling in trains and the credit goes to Indian Railways. 

Despite certain things that we hate, train journeys have given us ample of memories to cherish. In fact, I reckon after cricket and tea, if there is a thing that’s loved, adored and cherished by every Indian equally, it’s the experience of travelling by train.

April 16 being the day when the first train in India ran from Mumbai to Thane in 1853, let’s settle for a minute and read the must-know facts about Indian Railways.

  1. With over 1.4 million people working for it, Indian Railways is the 8th largest employer in the world.
  2. It is also the largest network to be operated by a single government and stands third in the world for having the largest network – 127,760 km long.
  3. Indian Railways own the longest railway platform in the world – the Gorakhpur station that’s 4,430 feet long.
  4. Both the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Indian Mountain Railways are part of UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage Site’ list.
  5. There are two stations located at the same point, but are placed opposite to each other – Srirampur and Belapur station.
  6. The full track length of Indian Railways can circle the equator one-and-a-half times.
  7. The slowest train run by Indian Railways is Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri Passenger train that with the speed of 10 km/h.
  8. The total distance that is covered by Indian Railways is also three and half times the distance between the earth and the moon.
  9. The railway spends 94 paise on every rupee that it earns.
  10. The Howrah-Amritsar Express makes the most number of stops, 115 to be precise.  
  11. With an average delay of 10-12 hours, the Guwahati-Trivandrum Express is the least punctual train. 
  12. The record for the longest station name is held by Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta near Chennai. 
  13. Indian Railways is still working with Fairy Queen – the oldest steam engine in the world which was manufactured in 1855. 
  14. The diamond crossing is India is one of its kind where trains go East, West, North and South.
  15. Indian Railway is also constructing the world’s highest rail bridge in Jammu and Kashmir – Chenab Bridge.
  16. The busiest junction managed by Indian Railways is Howrah in Kolkata with as many as 974 trains stopping in a day.
  17. Vivek Express covers the longest distance traversed by an Indian train. It runs between Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari and covers 4,273 km. 
  18. On an average, 25 million people travel by Indian trains every day.
  19. Indian Railway also runs the Red Ribbon Express – an awareness campaign train on World AIDS day.
  20. With over 8 railway museums across the country, the National Railway Museum in Delhi is the largest in Asia. 
  21. The New Delhi Main Station has the world’s largest route relay interlocking system and this has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

Truly, there is nothing as great, magnanimous and glorious as Indian Railways. It’s a feeling. It’s an emotion. It’s a memory. 


#2018 Commonwealth Games

Two sides of revenue over our economy in context to sports .

Doordarshan is showing the live coverage of fewer event of CW18, but won’t be covering the whole CG18 because government won’t get much revenue from free to air channel ‘Doordarshan’. However, if DD cover CG18 their would be a loss of Rs 2.50 crore every day, totalling to a loss of Rs 27.50 crore in 11 days. The public broadcaster are sharing 75%of the advertising revenue . Sources say that board offered to telecast games on DD Sport but that was not agreeable to Ten Sports. It is through Government broadcasters only, we can reach CW18 every corner of the country,. To bring Vivo IPL 2018 to a wider audience STAR TV has agreed to share with Prasar Bharati few matches on a one hour deferred live basis with 50-50 revenue sharing. So it won’t be wrong to say that ‘Star Network’ is a National Network of India. Secondly the whole country should have the knowledge about this news as everyone knows about Salman and other TRP news.

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खेल के संदर्भ मे, सरकार का दो तरह के कर हमारे देश के आर्थिकी पर

दूरदर्शन के द्वारा CW18 का लाईव टेलिकास्ट, कुछ खेल का किया जा रहा है लेकिन सारे खेल का प्रसारण दूरदर्शन नहीं कर पा रही है क्योकी सरकार ने कर के मामले मे दोहरी नीति अपनायी है और दूरदर्शन को मिलने वाली कर छूट पर पाबन्दी लगा रखी है. इसकी वजह से अगर प्रसारण का संचालन किया जायेगा तो 2.50 करोड़ प्रतिदिन की हानि होगी इस हिसाब से 11दिन के प्रसारण मे कुल 27.50 करोड़ का अतिरिक्त भार होना तय है. पब्लिक ब्रोडकास्टर प्रायोजित प्रचार के माध्यम से 75% का सहयोग है सुत्रो के अनुसार बोर्ड ने DD Sports को प्रसारण की अनुमति तो दे रही है लेकिन Ten sports से किसी तरह की बात नहीं थी. IPL2018 की बात करे तो इसके बहुत सारे दर्शक हैं और Star Sports के द्वारा एक घंटे के अंतराल से लाइव प्रसारण करने के लिये प्रसार भारती से 50-50 आय के बंटवारे के साथ सहमति बन गई. इसलिये ये कहना गलत नहीं होगा कि Star Networks भारत का एक राष्ट्रिय नेटवर्क है. CW18 का प्रसारण कुछ खास लोगो तक ही पहुच पाती है ऐसे मे इसकी लोकप्रियता को ग्रहण लगाने मे सरकार का भी एक महत्त्वपूर्ण योगदान रहा है. वही प्रायोजित समाचार चैनल का भी ध्यान CW18 की तरफ नहीं है वो अपने TRP और सलमान खान के कर्मकांड को प्राथमिकता देते हैं . देश मे 90% से भी अधिक लोग दूरदर्शन से जुड़े हैं ऐसे मे प्रसारण पर विशेष ध्यान देने की जरूरत है.

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A I R(All India Radio)
Signature Tune 🎼🎼🎶🎶
How many of you still remember this tune in the morning ….. Used to be aired at 5.55 am. It’s 88 years old now.

It was composed by a Jewish musician, Walter Kauffman( a refugee from Germany)👇👇👇



“आप सबको दीयो के त्यौहार की शुभकामनाये,
खुशी खुशी तब होती है जब वह बांटी जाए,
हमे पूरी कोशिश करनी चाइये कि सबकी ज़िन्दगी में अंधकार मिटाये और उनके जीवन खुशियों का प्रकाश बार दे l”